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Cashcrate Scam? Or Is Cashcrate Legit?

Cashcrate review: Cashcrate scam? Or Is Cashcrate legit?

Employment is a major problem these days, especially in the midst of all the downsizing and mass lay-offs that companies have had to implement because of the failing economy. For this reason, many people are now out of jobs and desperately looking for ways to generate income for the family's needs. A company called Cash Crate (or Cashcrate) could be of help.

For example, Jenny had been a victim of down-sizing and had to leave the office that she had been going to for the past few years. At first, the future seemed bleak because it's really hard to find employment in these times. She submitted my resume to various companies online and as she was browsing through sites, a company called Cash Crate caught her eye.

They offered to pay Jenny a reasonable amount just to answer a few surveys and take part in some online focus group discussions. Obviously, she wasnít making any money at the time so anything that could give her a few extra dollars seemed very interesting indeed. All she had to do was submit her name and email and they would give her the link she needed to start earning.

Being curious about the idea of earning through surveys, Jenny also tried looking at more of these websites but she found that Cash Crate seemed to offer the best deals. More importantly, this website allowed users to choose which surveys they want to answer, as opposed to other companies that gave you very limited options. In Cash Crate, there are free surveys and paid ones, and each had a detailed description of the requirements in you had to do in order to receive your payment.

Each survey costs anywhere from $0.50 to $1 -- not a good rate, you might say. But these surveys will only take you only 5 minutes or even less to finish. If you are fast and have a good Internet connection, you can make as much as $12 in just an hour, which is certainly better than waiting for your unemployment check.

One of the good things about Cash Crate is that they are very up front about the details of each survey. They tell you exactly what you have to do and what kind of payment you can expect, unlike other survey companies that include a lot of fine print that you can easily overlook. Other survey websites also give dubious gifts, which actually come with some kind of catch. By availing of these "gifts", you will either have to pay eventually or perhaps your email address will be spammed by dozens of other offers from affiliate companies.

The most important rule in looking for surveys to answer is to never ever give out your credit card number. Asking for it is a big warning as to whether a survey company is legit or they're a scam operation. Cash Crate does not ask for this information but there are other sites that do. If a website asks for this data, leave the site at once. There is no reason why a survey company would need to have your credit card number.

Another crucial thing to remember is to always read the fine print. Oftentimes, if it doesnít say that a survey is free, it means that there are hidden charges in there somewhere. There are also times that you will have to pay phone charges especially if you are participating in a teleconference focus group based on a different state.

Before you are able to participate in any online surveys and focus group discussions, you will have to register an account at the company's website. In doing so, make sure that you fill in all the required information and that everything you enter is correct. This will make it easier for them to contact you and to send future payments.

In the first couple of days of answering surveys, Jenny earned more than $30, and she only worked for about two hours a day. Imaging how much she could earn if she answered more surveys.

Probably the best thing about answering surveys to make cash online is that if you want to earn more, you just have to take on more surveys. Thousands of surveys are always needed to be filled up online and if you just take the time to find them, you can make yourself a good living. In order to maximize your earning potential, you can open an account with several different survey websites.

Some survey websites have a limit on how many you can answer in a week or a month, while others have no limit whatsoever. The more websites you register on, the more opportunities you will have of earning more money.

So is Cashcrate a scam? Or is Cashcrate legit?

There are many survey websites out there but out of all of them, Cash Crate (or Cashcrate) seems to offer the best deals and allow you to earn a handsome income without leaving your home. There is no Cashcrate scam. End Cashcrate review.


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